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Light Cibles was founded by Louis Clair in 1983 — it was the first independent lighting engineering and design consulting firm in France. His son, Emmanuel Clair, leads the consultancy which has grown to be present in Paris, Singapore, Tianjin and Kuala Lumpur. The multinational firm comprises architects, senior technicians, interior designers and designers, each with diverse specialisation and extensive experience in developing and realising innovative lighting design concepts for projects around the world.

Louis was raised in the world of film and motion pictures where he studied the methods of light and shadow techniques. He started as a sales technician and returned to the cinematographic industry in 1968 as a technical director at the Victorine Studios in Nice where he founded the stage and festive lighting department to serve local municipalities.

In 1974, Louis created a distribution channel specialising in architectural lighting and ultra low voltage halogen lamps which created dramatic and psychedelic effects for interior decorations. In 1978, he established the French branch of a German interior lighting manufacturer and became a pioneer of architectural lighting in France.

In 1983, Light Cibles was established. While developing independent lighting design in France, Louis expanded Italian and German lighting manufacturing as a marketing consultant for Europe.

Louis came to Singapore in 1992 to work on projects in the Central Area (Central Business District), particularly the Civic District. He designed the lighting for the Collyer Quay precinct (the Fullerton Heritage), CHIJMES, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Cavenagh Bridge and Anderson Bridge — just to name a few.

When Emmanuel joined Light Cibles in 1999, their first project together was the UNESCO World Heritage Site Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France. Emmanuel then established the Singapore office in 2007 while Louis worked on projects in China.

Till this day, Louis and Emmanuel actively promote the field of lighting design worldwide. Louis’s book Architectures de Lumières was published bilingually (French and English) in 2003. He speaks at universities, schools and conferences in Europe and Asia and is a regular contributor to lighting magazine Luce e Design (Chinese and English edition). Emmanuel is a standing council member of the Asian Association of Lighting Designers. Louis and Emmanuel were members of the Association des Concepteurs Lumière et Éclairagistes (ACE) where Louis was a founding member and its president from 2001 till 2003.


Mont Saint-Michel (France)

Mont Saint-Michel, France


What We Do

“We spend a third of our lives at night; without light, we would be missing something great.”
— Jean Chalgrin, architect of the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile

As an independent lighting design consultancy, our role is to support and enhance the architectural and interior concept with innovative lighting design for a variety of exterior and interior projects. Globally renowned for our vast technical expertise, we find unconventional solutions that achieve low maintenance, high durability and high return on investment, ensuring that appropriate lighting design is achieved.

Our approach to architectural lighting is interpreting the architectural concept to propose lighting concepts that will work well with the building, ultimately bringing the architect’s vision to life. For interior lighting, we start from the purpose of the space and interpret the designer’s ideas and dreams by creating ambience in the interior.

We provide environmentally friendly lighting design solutions that are energy-efficient and long-lasting. Light Cibles projects have won numerous awards conferred by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore: the BCA Green Mark awards for green features and practices incorporated in a building’s design and operation and the BCA Construction Excellence Awards which accord recognition to construction projects demonstrating performance excellence and high standards of management, technical expertise and workmanship.

Our scope of work includes heritage and religious sites, historic monuments, commercial (office and retail) buildings, river banks and quays, government buildings, bridges, airports and train stations, parks and gardens, hotels, restaurants, residences, façade lighting, landscape lighting, street lighting, urban lighting master plans and festival lighting for events.