Lighting Beirut’s City Center, June 2011

Client: City of Beirut / Solidere
Designers: Light Cibles / DIAP
Contractors: Mamari Freres (MFR) / Lampo Srl
Scope of Work: Exterior Until Final Completion
Completion Date: 2011
Country: Lebanon

In the heart of Beirut devastated by the war, beautiful buildings have been brought back to their ancient splendor during several years of untiring works of renovation by using an innovative lighting technique. Light Cibles was honoured with IALD Award of Excellence 2012 (International Association of Lighting Designers).

Lighting Beirut Architecture is the first project of its kind to permanently illuminate a large urban area using image projection. Tailor-made projectors trace the features of 28 heritage and contemporary building façades along a special heritage trail in the heart of historic Beirut.

Gobos were designed based on a special photographic survey of each individual building’s façade. Using oversized glass gobos allowed the designers to design high-definition images and projections. The resulting close relationship between the lighting concept and the architecture preserves the specific identity of each building. All fittings are located on the roofs of buildings facing chosen façades. A special fitting was developed to maintain the simplicity of the projector’s mechanics, while modifications made permanent exterior installation and uniform distribution of light possible. The façades of more contemporary buildings utilize a different concept. Modern buildings are treated with abstract frescos that introduce colored elements and textures derived from the original composition.